Epoxy Paint

Looking for an epoxy paint store near Laval and Longueil?

We offer 100% solid epoxy, very popular for its durability. There are a wide variety of applications for epoxy coatings. This product is mainly used for garage, basement, commercial and  industrial type coatings.

Flake system:

Epoxy paint is suitable for large surfaces

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Epoxy paint has many advantages.
It has exceptional covering power and offers excellent waterproofing.


You can thus benefit from an aesthetic and resistant rendering. You have the choice between a glossy, textured or satin finish. Epoxy paint also presents an infinite possibility of color customization.

All these criteria make this product a must for decorative paint.

Epoxy paint gives you a perfectly smooth and consistent finish

  • Restaurant and hotel kitchens

  • Hospital floors

  • Retail stores

  • warehouses